Unified Phoenix Hood
Unified Phoenix Hood

Unified Phoenix Hood

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Holy Heron...

The Yin and Yang symbol represents reason and thinking.

The colors black and white have become too heavily associated with ethnicity.

The colors gold and iron are better utilized to understand human potential.

Gold represents standards accomplished through inspiration. The Golden Rule exhibits the best behavior possible. Golden eras are times of unison, learning, and achievement. An economic golden standard describes corruption and greed minimized.

Iron represents accomplishments through structure. The human body needs iron to complete critical functions. Iron is essential to the function of human cells. Human cells need iron to grow, to metabolize proteins, for DNA synthesis, and to transport oxygen through the blood. Humans have utilized iron to make machinery, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and infrastructure for communities.

Kaia & Kai cultivate community.

Kaia & Kai are Unified Phoenix.

Wear this shirt to show belief in Unified Phoenix.

Higher Efficiency

Human Evolution


***Kaia is Solar Phoenix.

***Bella + Canvas Unisex Long Sleeve Jersey Hooded Tee.

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