Unified Phoenix Hood
Unified Phoenix Hood

Unified Phoenix Hood

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Live Leadership...

We believe in balance. The Yin and Yang symbol has represented balance longer than any symbol we know.

We express the black and white Yin and Yang balance in the color of The Phoenix hoods.

We believe the colors black and white have become too heavily associated with race.

We think gold and iron are the best colors to understand the balance we must find as humans.

Gold represents a standard accomplished through inspiration. The “Golden Rule” is the highest expression of moral behavior. “Golden Eras” are times of heightened unison, learning, and achievement. An economic “Golden Standard” describes a time when economic and political corruption stay at a minimum, due to moral human behavior.

When humans are gold focused they produce culture and character that other humans marvel at and attempt to mimic.

Iron represents the path through which human structure has been produced. Iron is the beginning of the modern industrial complex. The human body needs iron to complete critical functions. Iron is essential to the function of human cells. Human cells need iron to grow, to metabolize proteins and enzymes, for DNA synthesis, and to transport oxygen through our blood.

When humans are iron focused they forge edifices of grandeur and physical bodies that other humans admire and attempt to emulate.

We believe for Civilization to flourish structure and inspiration must be balanced.

Too much structure, without inspiration, and our society deteriorates. Too much inspiration, without structure, and our society deteriorates. Imbalance leads to times of moral delinquency, militarism, stagnation, slavery, anarchy, and strife.

Thoughts travel through the spine, into the core, and generate actions throughout the body.

Human tendencies show setting a “standard” is a left oriented tendency and instituting “structure” is a right oriented tendency.

Alone humans are vulnerable. Together unstoppable!

Kaia & Kai are Unified Phoenix.

Higher Efficiency

Moral Evolution


***Kaia is Solar Phoenix. Kai is Lunar Phoenix. Unified Phoenix is the fusion.

***Bella + Canvas Unisex Long Sleeve Jersey Hooded T-Shirt. Form-fitting.

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